Concrete and Pozzolana Branch

The Concrete and Pozzolana Branch (C & P) headed by Research Officer (AEE), was established in the year 1982, to carry out the studies related to concrete and pozzolana. This branch works under Technical Services Division headed by the Chief Research Officer. Later these studies were taken up by the Material Testing and Instrumentation Branch. At Present, in this branch National Water Quality Laboratory Level II and Meteorological section of krishnarajasagara is running.

Water Quality Laboratory Level-II

The Water Quality Laboratory was upgraded under National Hydrology Project with the help of World Bank Assistance, Under Hydrology Project. The Water Quality lab is well equipped with pH meters , Electrical Conductivity meter Titration equipment’s , Incubators, COD digester , Flame Emission Photometer, UV Spectrophotometer, Nepheloturbidity meter, Laminar air flow equipment, Hot air Oven, Autoclave, Electronic balance.

The water samples from ten different locations of rivers from South Karnataka are tested bi-monthly for 27 water quality parameters. The data and result of the water quality test will be sent periodically to Chief Engineer, Water Resources Development Organization, Bangalore.

The water & silt samples received from different reservoirs in Karnataka and private agencies will be analyzed for its suitability purposes like drinking, irrigation, concreting.

Under NHP phase-II, a Purpose Driven study (Study of river water samples at various sites in Southern Karnataka) has been taken up. The study was commenced during Dec-2009. Samples are being collected from 14 different collection points and tested for various parameters. The study has been completed and final report has been submitted. In continuation, water samples are being collected twice in a year i.e., pre-monsoon and post-monsoon seasons.

Recent Completed Studies:

  • A Study on “Evaluation of Ground water for drinking purpose” (Hand pumps in Hebbal Industrial Area, Mysore).
  • A Study on “Evaluation of Ground water for drinking purpose” (Hand pumps of certain villages under Hunsur Taluk).

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