Model and Prototype Conformity Studies Branch

Model and Prototype Conformity Studies Branch one of the five branches functioning under Hydraulics Division of Karnataka Engineering Research Station which was established in the year 1972. The main objective of this branch is to verify the model study reports and inspect the prototypes at the field for the verifying and confirming the hydraulic parameters checked at the models has been incorporated in the prototypes are in concurrence. Also, branch takes part in verifying the canals design parameters after modernization of canals in prototypes for the required hydraulic discharge, has been met and in accordance to the designs provided.


Main function of this branch is :

  • Compare the Model Study results with prototypes for performance and to verify the degree of comparability with the model study for hydraulics parameters of major and medium reservoirs in Karnataka.
  • Conducting studies for present Carrying Capacity of Canals after implementing the Modernization works to the existing old canals, upon the request from the project authorities of the major and medium irrigation projects of Karnataka.
  • The technical personnel from this branch will actively participate in Silt & Sedimentation Survey which will be conducted by silt and sedimentation Sub-Division, Munirabad of Karnataka engineering Research Station.

Contact Details :

Srinivas Y G
Research Officer
Model and Prototype Conformity Studies Branch
Karnataka Engineering Research Station
Krishnarajasagara, Mandya
Karnataka – 571607
Phone (O): 08236-297253
Cell: +919448938902
Email : [email protected]

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