Road Research Branch

The Road Research Branch (RRB) was established in the year 1959 and is functioning under Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Division headed by the Chief Research Officer. The main objective of this branch is to conduct Applied and Basic Studies to ascertain quality of materials, and to improve the characteristics of various parameters by conducting the necessary tests on sub grade, Sub base, base course and surface course of Road pavements.

RR Brach has a well-equipped laboratory which houses Thermostatically Controlled Drying Ovens , Mechanical Sieve Shaker, CBR apparatus, Compaction Test Apparatus, Impact Test Machine, Crushing Value apparatus, Specific Gravity apparatus for soil and Aggregates testing. Viscometer, Penetration apparatus, Ring and Ball apparatus, Flash and Fire apparatus, Ductility Testing Machine for conducting tests on bitumen. Marshall Stability Test apparatus, Centrifugal Extractor, Temperature measuring Gun for testing of the bitumen mixes.

Road Research Branch has a capability of conducting tests like Mechanical Analysis, Atterberg Limits, Specific Gravity, Compaction (Light and Heavy), In situ Density and In situ Moisture Content, CBR Test on Soils, Gradation Test on Aggregates. Penetration Test, Specific Gravity Test, Ductility Test, Flash and Fire Point Test, Softening Point Test, Bitumen Content Test, Viscosity Test, on bitumen. Surface Deflection of Pavement (Benkelman Beam Test). Also, we provide Bitumen Mix Design for SDBC pavements.

Due to less number of Basic studies/ Research activities, this branch has diversified its activities in the recent years towards applied studies. The branch is addressing to the problems araised at the field as & when referred by Government, Semi-Government & Non-Government organizations. The range of problems covers the testing of stability of materials in the construction of roads, i.e., Soil, Aggregates, Bitumen and Emulsion & Investigation of Roads for new construction, Improvement or Up-gradation of existing roads. Presently this branch has signed a MoU with APMC, Mysore for the quality checks for various materials used for roads.

The RRB have conducted the following Basic studies

Completed Studies:

  • The RRB has so far done a number of Basic & Applied studies. In the past years some research activities like laying experimental stretches in water logged areas. Usage of Geo textile materials & performance of anti stripping agents etc, study of traffic density of roads in Mysore city were taken up & completed.
  • The Branch in association with CRRI New Delhi was involved in conducting pavement performance study of experimental reaches of NH-14. The Branch has also taken up comparative study of soil parameters for its influence on the CBR values and studies on Change in characteristics of fine / course grain soils by adding stone dust (Quarry Dust).
  • Basic Study on Stabilization of BC soil by adding lime & Rock Dust has been done & Report Submitted to IRC New Delhi
  • Improvements of C.B.R value of B.C soil by adding RBI Grade -81 compound as an Admixture & Report Submitted to IRC New Delhi.

Contact Details :

Govindaraju A.E.E
Office of the Research Officer
Road Research Branch
Karnataka Engineering Research Station
K.R Sagara , Mandya-571607
Contact No: 9448671188
Email: HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected]

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