Silt and Sedimentation Survey Sub-Division

The Silt and Sedimentation Survey Sub-division is headed by Research Officer (Assistant executive Engineer), which is functioning under the Chief Research Officer, Technical Services Division, Krishnarajasagara. This sub division is equipped with the Navitronic NS 415 bathymetry survey grade Eco sounder, Leica MX 9250 DGPS reference Station, Leica MX 420 DGPS Mobile Station, sound velocity profiler SVP 15 along with the necessary accessories like FRP Boat with arrangements for the bathymetry survey, Navisoft Survey software, data loggers, display units for live display of conducting the Integrated Bathymetry Surveys (IBS) for reservoirs and rivers.

About IBS Survey:

Integrated Bathymetric System enables the collection and study of the data on the depth and bottom topology of reservoir / rivers. The primary application of this system is in the reservoir sedimentation survey. This helps in the study of reservoir capacity figures which are functions of depth, depth contours, and bottom topology which has changed over a period of time.

Main Objective:

  • To Assess the total capacity of reservoir at FRL.
  • To assess the water spread areas at different water storage levels using software provided with IBS at the level at which the survey was conducted.
  • Supplement the water spread areas for the uncovered levels using the appropriate technique.
  • Compare the results of the Present study with that of the Pre- impoundment survey.
  • Evaluate the present water storage capacity of reservoir at different water levels and estimate the difference in storage capacities with comparison to the pre-impoundment surveys

The Water Quality Lab level-II

Along with conducting the IBS survey for reservoirs and rivers, this subdivision has a well-equipped water quality lab level II, which established in the year-2002 under National Hydrology Project.

The laboratory has entrusted with the work of analysis and testing of the surface water samples received from 7 different irrigation projects from North Karnataka i.e downstream side of Tungabhadra River, Ghtaprabha River, Malaprabha River,Manjra River Bhima River, Krishna River and Done River.Water samples from these reservoirs will be analyzed at laboratoryfor 28different parameters related to the water quality including Physical, Chemical and bacteriological parameters. A Standard Analytical Procedures will be adopted for the analysis of physical-chemical and Bacteriological parameters for river water samples.

Contact Details

Mrs. Pushpa
Research Officer
Silt & Sedimentation Survey Sub Division,
Karnataka Enginring Research Station
Munirabad, Koppal District
Karnataka – 583233
Cell : +91 9448355090
Email : [email protected]

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