Details of Hydraulics Branch-II


The Hydraulics branch-2 is one of the five branches functioning under the hydraulics division of Karnataka Engineering Research Station, which was established in the year 1972. The main objective of this branch is to carry out the studies related to the spillways, outlets, energy dissipaters, tunnels, chutes etc for economic, reliable and optimal design of various elements by conducting the physical model studies.

Also this branch takes up the studies related to the adequacy of spillways for discharging capacity through the crest gates, performance of Stilling basin, and calibration of gates to arrive the actual discharge at different storage level of reservoirs by in house construction of 2D and 3D physical models to the suitable scale. The results and recommendation will be submitted to the project authorities for implementation.

Capabilities & Major Functions

  • The hydraulics branch-2, can take up the studies for the design of hydraulic structures related to dam and allied Structures like Spillways, Energy Dissipaters, Canal Regulators, etc, with the aid of 2D & 3D Model Studies.
  • This branch also provides the interim designs by taking up the desk studies for projects through experience and backup knowledge.
  • The existing/constructed Dams and Allied Structures are preserved for which studies are being undertaken up by us, for the future study purpose as referred or when problems arise in the later stages of operations.
  • The Study and analysis related on the Suggestions of Dam Safety review panel on the existing projects will also be taken up by this branch.

Present Studies.

  • At present Model Study are being carried out forMadhavaMantriwier to study the effect of existing old weir on the proposed new weir on the downstream side of old wier.
  • Further studies regarding optimization of upstream guide wall and finalization of stilling basin studies pertaining to Kanva Reservoir Project will be undertaken as soon as the proposal is received from the project authorities.
  • Typical Operation and Maintenance Manual pertaining to Hemavathi Reservoir Project is being Prepared.

Contact Details

R Hareesh
Research Officer
Hydraulics Branch 2
Karnataka Engineering Research Station
Krishnarajasagara, Mandya
Karnataka – 571607
Phone (O) : 08236-297253
Cell: +91 9481529256
Email: [email protected]