Hydraulics Division

With the establishment of Karnataka Engineering Research Station, in the year 1954, The Hydraulics Division was also formed alongside, Hydraulic division is headed by the Chief Research Officer (Executive Engineer),which is situated at the downstream side of the famous Krisnarajasagara Dam, inside the Brindavana Garden premises. This division was formed mainly to provide the solutions to the intricate problems related to Hydraulics Structures specially the Energy Dissipating Arrangements of various Dams, Gate operation schedules, IBS Hydrography Survey of Reservoir, conduct gauging of canals, carrying capacity of canals, calibrating the current meters, analysis of water samples for 27 different parameters for water quality and also this division provides the solutions to the hydraulic problems arising at the time of dam operations, construction and improvements are being attended by us when referred by the Project Authorities.

This division, plays as an important link between the project authorities of the major and medium reservoirs and the branches of this division for getting the required design & details for conducting the studies related to model studies, canal gauging, current meters calibration, IBS Hydrography Survey and Water quality analysis.

Division is also responsible of finalising the model study reports submitted by the subdivisions/branches coming under this division and submitting the same to the director for approval. And supervising all the deliverables are met in the specified timeline. Chief Research Officer conducts the inspection of dams and canals periodically for operation and maintenance issues and the same will be referred to the concerned subdivision of hydraulic division for the necessary actions.

Contact Details

Srinivas Murthy K C
Chief Research Officer
Hydraulics Division
Karnataka Engineering Research Station
Mandya Karnatka – 571607
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 9448093908

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